Jersey Shore

After a morning of car repairs and museums, the Bugs decided they wanted to check out the beach (because they refused to call it the shore) and add another state to their list of states visited, so we hopped in the Suburban, took a quick drive through the historic parts of downtown Philadelphia (art museum where Rocky ran up the steps, the Free Library, Independence Mall, etc.) and crossed over the Ben Franklin Bridge into New Jersey.

It was a cold day (even for May) in Ocean City, NJ, and not many people were out, but that did not stop the girls from walking on the boardwalk (though they are requesting that we visit again in the summer), collecting seashells for their collection (we collect seashells from every beach we visit and put in a glass jar/vase/bottle to display), and finding Shrivers for candy and saltwater taffy.

Though there were several pizza joints open on the Boardwalk, we asked the locals where to eat and they suggested Piccini’s adding that the Food Network had once visited there.  So decided to check it out.  The downside is they only take cash (when traveling up north, take cash, between the toll roads and the small businesses, cash is the preferred currency).  The upside was the girls each got to make their own personal pizza (any toppings) and then it was cooked in a wood burning stove.  While the girls enjoyed their pizzas, I enjoyed fresh mussels.  The place was really small and had a wait in the off season, so I imagine in the summer its nearly impossible to get into, but if you figure out how to get in, I highly recommend this for a family with kids.

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